Quan and I went on a little night stroll today. I have been begging him to go but sometimes he’s just not up to drive and go. I think now since we have our own place he’s more of a home body, he just likes to be in peace and relax. I on the other hand, sometimes need to get that fresh air and would like to venture off to anywhere. So today, after eating Pho, I asked if he wanted to go for a walk at Tempe Town lake…and clearly after eating pho you always go in this food coma state, so he just wanted to rest at home. I was a bit upset, it’s SATURDAY! I have to understand since he works during weekdays. Anyways, I ended up taking a 4hr nap, oh yes I did girl. I’m assuming during my little guilt trip before heading home and me napping, he came to me and asked if I wanted to go on an adventure. :) It made me super excited in side but I had to hold my composure just because…I was being a girl. haha. We got ready, he brought his shmancy camera. Yay! We initially wanted to got to A Mountain, it’s a little mountain comparable to Signal Hill in LB, with a big letter A on it in representation for ASU. I’ve never been there yet, and it was around 10pm when we went, so it was pretty dark, and to our dismay the park up there was closed right at 10pm. Wah. Interestingly, in front of the mountain is the Old Spaghetti Factory that caught on fire in the early 1900s, and that building ALWAYS caught my attention everytime we pass near it but never got to actually go check it out. This time we did, and it was late, the factories creepy lookin’ and for a fact it’s haunted, it felt so eerie just standing near it, but I love looking at historical structures and learning about it.  Actually, there was a sign in front that said there was a recent public hearing to put the Spaghetti Factory in the Tempe Historical list…I guess they haven’t done so already. How could they not already, that’s the oldest looking building in the middle of Tempe, which is a nice modern bar district full of college students. 

Anyways, we later decided to go to Tempe Town Lake which is directly across from the Spaghetti Factory, snapped some neat pics and had a refreshing walk alongside the lake with my cup of coffee and my love under the beautiful lights surrounding the lake, it was a cold night. I lup it.  I love having deep conversations with him. Talking about ourselves and what we want to improve about ourselves and our life together.  When we have moments like these it is simple bliss to me. That’s just all I want.  We ended our night with some frozen buffalo wings from Wal-Mart, haha. We had no choice!! We really wanted Wingstop but went literally 10mins before closing. We watched…The Watch, lol it’s a pretty funny movie. 

I suggested we go to A Mountain tomorrow evening before sunset! It’s going to be so beautiful. I know it. Arizona’s sunsets are pretty eye pleasing! I’ll probably post a couple pics from tonight of me modeling like a boss. ;)

I know, it’s LATE right now! 4:41am to be exact. I can’t sleep because of that nap earlier and maybe the coffee. Poor Quan’s sleeping alone in the room cuddling by himself, while I selfishly write about my life. >.< Good night/morning!